What Covid-19 Pandemic Taught Me — self opinions

Is it true that our lives are on pause?

I think not many people see this coming, things like: disease or virus in the movie that come attacking people, spreading and then government need to do lockdown or isolation, then every humans on earth are panicking trying to safe their ass — I meant, themselves.

Then people are locked in and can't go anywhere. People are stocking up food, drink, masks, hand sanitizer and even toilet papers. I believe some Indonesian can survive from not using toilet papers. Then things get worst. Some stores are closed, prohibitted by government to open.

I, myself, won't ever think that one day every things related to education, entertainment and every other things, every aspects of economy need to be closed, everything is redirected from offline to online. Hospitals' crews are overwhelmed by the crowds of covid-19 patients and goes the same for burial sites, I think they're overwhelmed to burnt the corpes, too.

Okay, I'll not tell any more…

Writing a journal, is it necessary?

The habit of writing journal itself has been my favorite thing to do.
In here, I won't tell you to write journal as a form of showing gratitude, etc. I'm just too melancholic. My journal is a way of me to express other expressions, which for now, pouring out what I feel is what matter the most for me.  I think writing journal is one thing I have in mind every time I felt overwhelmed of people around me, my life situation or things I see or read. The habit of writing journal starts itself as I found a mini diary book with Hello Kitty cover on it which I got from my ex kindergarten student's snacks package. I thought Oh okay why not? Rather then the book itself becomes a waste as no one wants to write on it.
So here it is, I already have more than five journals in my bookshelf. I don't hide them, I just put them there. As I grow up, my friends circle has shrink to be very small circle. People I trust to talk to or share opinions and experiences are automatically being filte…


Welcome back to my blog! Here I will write tips you (have to) do before & after traveling. But, I think it will be a very long blog, so I'll divide today's blog to share tips before traveling.

Before traveling, here are some things you need to think, look for and prepare for:

1. Prepare budget.

Money is an important talk when you're about to travel. It's a thing you really need to safe months before and then spend efficiently. Prepare budget by saving money far before your travel date. I divide budgeting things into six sections:

- budget for stay
Look for information and do some research in internet, whether through online booking app or people's blogs, or instagram review by influencers or your friends about places to stay. You can screenshot them and then put them in Note on your phone, don't forget to put photo and details about the prices and the location. You can choose place to stay in a hotel for easy and security. Or if you prefer to stay in your…

Days in Ubud, Bali☀️ [pt 1]

Welcome back to my Bali's blog! You can check out my other blogs about Bali, too! 

In this page I'll share about days we spent in Ubud, Bali. Ubud is a district in Bali where it is so different from Kuta. Ubud is a district where it is all green and no beach, many smaller and tighter buildings and also quite quiet. In Ubud, you can visit Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Tampaksiring Holy Water, Temples -couldn't mention one as I haven't visit one but once you visit Tampaksiring Holy Water you can look around and find a temple,too. And Monkey Forest.

Once you are in Ubud —a bit far from the centre of Ubud, you'll see some rice terraces in small sizes. They're all sparkling brightly and so pretty at noon. When we first arrived in Ubud, without having any idea, we just booked the place to stay without really considering how far it is from the Ubud centre. Ubud and Legian, Kuta, and Seminyak are totally different! How's different? I'll explain later. 
We chose to st…

Hair Donation - Little Princess Trust

Did you ever think of doing charity work? Yes? But you don't know how and where to? Did you ever think of helping people with money or if you don't have, you are willing to help with what you've got... Here is the answer!

Donating my hair...
From like this

Then tied them to three parts, like this:
screenshots credit to: mmehuillet 's instagram
You can see more information and explanation from mmehuillet hightlight: Donate hair,  or... directly check to Little Princess Trust website or instagram
And below is mine 😂 I don't have appropriate photos as me and my sis cut it in hurry. We cut it first at home then went to salon with my short hair tied. 

People mostly often asked me: Why did you cut your hair? And once they knew I cut it for donation, they would quickly asked: Isn't dangerous to donate hair?
I personally think I need to explain, that it is not dangerous at all. I donated my hair to Jakarta through someone I trust: Mme. Huillet, and then from her, the hair …

Tips & Trick to Bargain in Bali Local Markets

To continue my Bali with me #2 blog! 
You had been walking along the street and saw mostly every local stores sell almost same things, and you had hearing them calling you to go inside, look around and buy stuffs. 
The only thing in mind is: Which store sells the most reasonable price? Why is it sounds expensive? Probably for some foreign tourists the prices aren't that matter, but some other tourists feel that it's kinda nonsense, too. In Bali, the sellers mostly mark up the prices. And it's your job to bargain with reasonable price, too! 
Why I said reasonable price? I ever saw a couple of tourists tried some pants already but then they bargained for 50.000 idr for one of them. The seller opened the price by 250.000. I know... You wanted to bargain or maybe you've been reading blogs saying you have to bargain in Bali, don't get scammed, etc. But still... Please bargain with reasonable price
Fyi: There's a local store in Legian that sell fix price clothes. And y…

What to Bring to Bali.

Bonjour. Here I am to continue my Bali with me #2 blog! 
You started to think of what clothes you should bring to mix and match to make a cool outfit that probably will make you look good for photos during your holiday. It happened to most people. 
So once you started to brain storm about what clothes you should wear there—in Bali, you started to look at your wardrobe and choose the good clothes you have. And suddenly lead you to dizzy head. Or bringing over clothes which you won't wear or not confident enough to wear. 
Based on my experience, here are some things I learnt for what to pack for 10 days in Bali! 
Bali is hot! Decided which regions you want to visit and places you want to go. If you're going to visit Legian, Kuta, Ubud or other coastal places then just prepare t-shirt which you can combine with blue or white jeans shorts. Or bralette that you can combine with fabric and relax shorts.
You can also wear shorts paired with your swimsuit, too! 
You won't need long jean…